DUBROVNIK, a magnificent historic city, was founded in the 7th century. It was the only city-state on the entire Croatian coast, from the 14th to the 19th century. Seafaring and trade, together with the wise international policy and skilful diplomacy brought economic and cultural prosperity for centuries to the free city–state. The Dubrovnik people were known as good seafarers, tradesmen, scientists and writers.

“Those who seek paradise on Earth must come to Dubrovnik”, wrote George Bernard Shaw, smitten by the beauty of the city whose untouched, 1940 m long defensive walls – today under the protection of UNESCO – girdle in a city which carries the appellation of the Pearl of the Adriatic. Situated in the southernmost part of Croatia, harbouring centuries of heritage created by the noble skills of the finest builders and artists, Dubrovnik basks in a warm Mediterranean climate with groves of lemon, orange and tangerine trees, sumptuous palms and agaves, adorned by Renaissance parks and the flowering gardens of medieval stone palaces and unobtrusive monasteries.

Dubrovnik is without doubt currently one of Europe’s most fashionable destinations. Steeped in history and virtually unchanged since the 13th century the Old City provides a fascinating distraction from the everyday business. Add to that a mild Mediterranean climate all year round and direct flights from over 50 European ‘hubs’, and it’s easy to see why Dubrovnik is such a popular choice for combining business with pleasure. A little further south of the city centre, the verdant oasis of Babin Kuk is just one of many resort areas nestled amongst the pines and oaks of the Dubrovnik Riviera providing a picturesque setting for a successful congress. Over a thousand year old history of Dubrovnik is visible in every part of this city.

The city is a living museum and a live stage, and has an ideal connection between its historical past and the modern day. It is surrounded by medieval walls that are 1940 metres long and are preserved in their original form.

They are open to visitors and are the city’s greatest attraction. Since 1979 the town has been under UNESCO protection. Dubrovnik is mainly a cultural destination, which, aside from historical monuments, offers a series of cultural events and festivals. Dubrovnik is a destination where you can enjoy a rest, and it has extremely good air connections with all larger European centres. Dubrovnik is a city that charms, a city that you fall in love with and always return to like new, to discover more unique experiences.

Dubrovnik is increasingly becoming a popular location for filming fictional or historical drama TV series and films in mega production, such as the Game of Thrones, Knightfall, Starwars and more recently Robin Hood: Origins. Many fans of these films and series from all over the world come to Dubrovnik and join the special tours organised for visiting the locations where shootings were made. More information about filming in Dubrovnik is available on: