The University of Dubrovnik is the publisher of scientific journal for sea and seafaring titled „Naše more“ („Our Sea“).

The journal „Naše more“ was founded by renowned names from the circles of ship owners, seafarers and bankers. It was published just for two years and it was extinquished out of unknown reasons for us. It was refounded in Dubrovnik in 1953., also by means of respectable names from the circles of marine industry and economy, gathered in „Miho Pracat“ club which was its first editor. In 1991.the editing and publishing was taken over by Maritime Faculty, later to become The Polytechnic of Dubrovnik and in 2003. The University of Dubrovnik.

The journal consists of: main part and the supplement but being an integral unit. The supplement consists of different maritime related topics which primarily haven’t entered the main part of the journal. Priority scientific areas are technical, biotechnical and natural sciences related to sea, shore and underwater area. The journal treats the topics from navigation, marine technology and marine engineering, marine industry, economy, transport, forwarding, maritime law, oceanology, aquaculture, environmental protection and biology of the sea, i.e. the sea and seafaring in the wider sense of the term. In addition, it treats the topics related to the history, nautical and coastal tourism, but also the topics from maritime and professional education and some pages have been dedicated to the literature inspired by sea. Topics are treated at scientific, professional and popular level. The journal has been ranked according to its excellence, equally as the journals with the internationally recognized reviews.